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  • Our smokes are herbalist-formulated for you to inhale with intent

  • Enhance your experience with our loose-leaf blends

  • We're on a mission to make your smoking rituals potent and purposeful


Our smokes are herbalist-formulated for you to inhale with intent LIGHT UP


Enhance your experience with our loose-leaf blends let the good times roll


We're on a mission to make your smoking rituals potent and purposeful learn more

what people are saying

The Signature blend is off the charts! So good with other plants!! And it satisfied my partner's cig craving after a few drinks when rolled solo. Thank you so much for your work, it has a positive impact on us and I'm sure many others.

Ola V.

I’ve gotten into all things CBD recently, but for some reason it had never occurred to me to smoke it. I’m not much of a smoker, but the Self-Care CBD Smokes have been such a great new find. The hemp flower gives you a really pleasant body high, the complementary herbs make your lungs feel like they’re getting a hug, and the chocolate mint is soooo delicious!

Mary Beth M.

I don’t smoke often but when I do, I enjoy being able to relax with a Puff. It's important to me to know what I inhale. Knowing that you put so much thought into the herbs allows me to feel comfortable enjoying them.

Justine D.

I love mixing the Sleepy Smokes blend with other plants and unwind with it every night before bed. The Self-Care CBD Smokes have a great taste too, and instantly relax me.

Keri G.

I am loving the CBD Smokes, and have been sharing them with friends & family too! The blend is perfect for an end of the day treat.

Shannon N.

I bought a blend for my partner and he loves it! He's tried other blends before and really likes this mixture. Not only does it mix well with tobacco he enjoys the flavor alone as well!

Katie B.

I ordered the stimulating and the sleepy smoke packs and I loved them. They had good flavoring and they honestly did exactly what’s promoted on the packaging. I also tried the CBD pre-rolled smokes and I enjoyed the flavoring as well. I will definitely be purchasing from Puff Herbal Smokes again! 

Alex A.

The CBD smokes are divine! I tried one last night and I was so relaxed yet able to focus and get things done without feeling foggy or heavy. Thank you so much for such a wonderful blend!

Kristen T.

Our smokable herbs

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ex-smoker thoughts

As someone who used to smoke cigarettes, these are a fun and guilt-free way to enjoy the social aspect of smoking, and I think the price point is perfect. I’ve enjoyed the Stimulating Smokes and the Sleepy Smokes the most.

Dan B.

I’d been wanting to fully quit cigarettes for a while now. I’ve really enjoyed these smokes as a way to guide my high or to treat myself at the end of the day when I’m feeling like having a smoke. I haven’t smoked a cigarette in over 2 months now, and Puff Herbal Smokes has definitely been an aid in that, in the most lovely, non-addictive way possible.

Ella S.

I quit smoking a few years ago and this delivers me the psychological nostalgia I sometimes want and in a way I can trust, which is a very rare thing to pull off.

Alex K.

I'm an e-cigarette smoker that used to smoke actual cigarettes. I like these herbal smokes because, unlike with e-cigs, you get a real hit of smoke which satisfies my cravings. I especially like the Stimulating Smokes with peppermint since menthol cigarettes were my favorite.

John Q.

I got the peppermint herbal smokes, and I love them! I quit cigarettes a while ago. The tight roll and blend gives me that feeling of smoking a cigarette that I missed.

Abby C.

The signature smokes blend tastes of a pleasant herbal tea. It tastes way better than cigarettes and it has some of the earthy leafy flavor present in marijuana. There is a pleasant calmness that comes over oneself shortly after smoking. I've recommended it to many of my friends who are trying to cut down on the costs and cravings of habitual marijuana and nicotine consumption.

Louise B.

I purchased the Sleepy Smokes for my friend and the Signature Smokes for myself. We both love!!! I used to roll my own cigarettes and quit 3 months ago. The Signature blend is a nice smoke that cures that craving, is very enjoyable, and is smooth but invigorating. Love love love them!

Samantha S.

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more kind words

I absolutely LOVE the smokes!! I tried the Signature blend. They are smooth to smoke and soothing to the nerves, unlike any other herbal smokes I’ve tried. Perfectly formulated! I’ve already recommended these to a few friends!!

Julie S.

Puff Herbal Smokes are a true delight. I love the variety of blends to suit different needs and moods. They all smell and taste wonderful and leave me feeling at ease. I no longer smoke cigarettes or THC cannabis (after being a decade-long smoker), so the Self-Care CBD Smokes are a real treat. I can enjoy them leisurely without being addictive or making me want to smoke nicotine. These are a fantastic alternative to cigarettes when you’re craving the relaxation ritual that smoking provides. The herbal blend is perfectly balanced — a science & an art! 

Becca A.

I really like these smokes! I normally smoke tobacco, but I like to have these as an alternative when I don't want a tobacco cigarette.

Jessi L.

These smokes are terrific. It's nice to relax with one without the worry of nicotine or the effects of cannabis. Very pleasant and mild.

Fred B.

These herbal smokes are an experience from opening the shrink-wrap to the last puff. When you first open them, you get a burst of wonderful, inviting aroma. When you smoke them, they smell like a really lovely campfire except the smell doesn't stick to you.

Katie K.

I really love them and super appreciate this company!

Emmy R.

The Signature Smokes are awesome, and I can't wait to try the other blends.

Josh D.