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Hemp papers vs. white, chlorine-free papers

What's the difference between our smokes rolled in hemp paper and our smokes rolled in white, chlorine-free paper? How do you know which one to choose? Never fear! Here’s the scoop to help make your decision.

smokes rolled in chlorine-free paper and in hemp paper

Left smoke is rolled in chlorine-free paper. Right smoke is rolled in hemp paper.

Hemp papers:

  • RAW brand natural unrefined hemp that is light brown/greenish in color since they are un-bleached
  • Made from hemp fiber instead of trees
  • Slow burn rate makes your smoke last longer, but you may need to re-light
  • Taste is ever so slightly sweet
  • Hemp paper is a more sustainable resource than wood pulp paper

If you're a more casual smoker then the hemp papers would be your best bet. They won't hit as hard as the white papers do and are the more sustainable option.

White, chlorine-free papers:

  • Beretta brand wood pulp (from trees) that is white due to a chlorine-free bleaching process
  • Chlorine-free due to concerns about the release of organochlorine compounds into the environment. Historically, chemicals like chlorine have also been added to papers to slow burn rate
  • Quicker burn rate than hemp papers, but your smoke will stay lit
  • A harder hitting smoke than hemp (more akin to a tobacco cigarette)
  • These look just like regular cigarettes and won't draw any unnecessary attention

If you're a more seasoned smoker you may prefer the white papers, especially if you're trying to quit tobacco. They'll feel the most like a tobacco cigarette and thus will satisfy your cravings the most.


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