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3 Advantages of Herbal Smoke

Whether you're a tobacco smoker, cannabis smoker, or maybe you're already smoking herbs, working with herbs through smoke has some unique advantages over other herbal preparations. Here are 3 advantages of herbal smoke that apply to both 100% herbal smoking blends as well as to herbal spliffs rolled with herbs and the plant of your choice:

1. When you smoke herbs, the effects are almost immediate.

Many of the effects that herbs have on us when digested or inside of our bodies also take place when smoked, except when smoked the effects are practically instantaneous. This is because some plant constituents are what we could call fire-soluble or smoke-soluble. These are going to be your volatile oils (like terpenoids), alkaloids (like nicotine), THC and other cannabinoids, plant sterols, acids, pigment compounds, etc. When you smoke herbs, that smoke entering your lungs is carrying with it those constituents, and those constituents are entering your bloodstream right away. And unlike working with orally-ingested herbal preparations like capsules or teas that have to first go through your digestive system in order to get into your blood, smoke bypasses that first step and goes right for the blood. That blood is then pumped by the heart up to your brain. This all happens very quickly, which is why you can usually start to feel the effects of your smoke by the time you exhale your first puff.

2. Instant effect means instant relief.

When do we want instant relief? When we’re feeling nervous is a major one. Maybe your nervousness is starting to feel like it’s ballooning beyond your control and you want to calm down NOW. If you’re at a party feeling nervous or a little socially stressed, you can pop outside for a quick smoke to feel more relaxed and at ease with the current situation. This is also a very socially-acceptable way to behave at a party. You might feel a little self-conscious taking your tincture bottle out in front of people and having them ask what that is, but everyone has heard someone say at a party that they’re just stepping out for a smoke. Well, that depends on your friend group, but just taking a minute to go outside or even just physically moving away from other people at an outdoor gathering to smoke is a well-known way to behave. And with our herbal smokes rolled in chlorine-free paper, nobody will be able to tell they’re herbal cigarettes if you don’t want to attract any unwanted attention.

3. Smoking is a familiar activity that a lot of people already take part in.

Here we mean smoking ANY plant, whether it’s tobacco or cannabis, or maybe you’re already smoking other herbs. But because smoking is either a leisure activity, a social activity, a ritual, a habit, or an addiction for a lot of people, this can be a way to get herbs into people (for lack of better words) in a familiar way. Plus, because smoking has an almost immediate influence, this is an effective way to have people undeniably feel herbs working. Tinctures, for example, are an herbal preparation you can take sublingually (under the tongue) to enter your bloodstream more quickly. But even if you’re taking them under your tongue every single time, sometimes they need to be taken consistently for two weeks or a month before a person may be like, “oh yeah, I guess I haven’t been feeling as anxious lately.” And of course this depends on how tuned into their body a person may be, but smoking is a way to kind of smack someone in the face with herbs so that there’s no doubts about it.


All of this isn't to say that smoking is the best way to work with herbs, because it's not. But it's a way to meet some people where they are, convince skeptical people that already smoke that herbs really do work, and offer fast-acting (and sometimes socially-acceptable) support. 


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