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Herbs for Smoking Blend Bases

When crafting an herbal smoking blend, you’ll first want to start with a base of herbs that smoke well. This base can either be one single herb or a blend in and of itself, and will typically be anywhere between 50-75% of your smoking blend. The following herbs are good smoking blend base candidates:

Damiana (Turnera diffusa)



Damiana is a nervine (herb that calms nervous tension) that has a pleasant taste and retains a good amount of its oil content once dried, making for a smooth smoke. Damiana is a gentle circulatory stimulant and emanates a warm, fuzzy, and mildly euphoric feeling when smoked.

Hemp flower (Cannabis sativa ssp. sativa)*

cannabis hemp flower


Cannabis can be either stimulating or sedating based on the strain, dose, and your individual constitution. Cannabis smokes very well due to resinous trichomes, and contains cannabidiol, or CBD, and other cannabinoids.

*Hemp flower must contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC on a dry-weight basis per U.S. federal law. This isn’t enough to be psychoactive, but hemp flower should be avoided if you’re concerned about testing positive for THC on a drug test.


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Marshmallow leaf (Althaea officinalis)

marshmallow plant

Marshmallow leaf is a moistening herb that adds smoothness to your smoke, but doesn’t have much flavor or body to it. Pair marshmallow leaf with some of these other base herbs.

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)


Mugwort is a nervine with fluffiness that helps to hold together your smoking blend. Mugwort is suited to smoking at night as it can help you stay asleep and enhance your dreams and dream recall.


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Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)


Mullein is the supreme smoking blend base herb. Mullein is a sedative nervine with fluffiness that helps your smoking blend hold together, but, like marshmallow leaf, doesn’t have much flavor or body to it. Pair mullein with some of these other base herbs.

Raspberry leaf (Rubus idaeus)

red raspberry

Red raspberry leaf becomes fluffy once dried which helps to hold together your smoking blend. A pulmonary astringent, raspberry leaf is helpful for tonifying wet, phlegmy lung conditions and adds body to smoking blends.


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