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HIGHTEA Podcast: Is Cannabis the Gateway to Herbalism?

HIGHTEA podcast

We've all heard of cutting a joint with tobacco, but rose petals? Peppermint? Tell me more. Using herbs to enhance the smoke experience is an ancient practice back on-trend - but why are smokeable herbs suddenly taking off in popularity, and how can you add herbs to your herb to enhance your ganja experience (and your health & wellness)? Listen up as HIGHTEA host, Jen Newton,  connects with Lian Bruno, clinical herbalist, ethnobotanist, and founder of Puff Herbal Smokes as we learn about the role of smoke in human rituals, the effects of smoking some of the world's most popular herbs, and how you can start to incorporate herbs into your smoke today. 


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HIGHTEA is highvibe cannabis culture for people who also like weed, confabulating on all things weed with a thoughtful and blunt exploration of pot and its many magical benefits. HIGHTEA shares stories, source trends, and connects with cool people all around the world who use cannabis creatively and constructively - all in part of a full-spectrum effort to take marijuana mainstream.


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