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Lavender: An Herb for Tension

Lavender is an herb for the tense. Its antispasmodic action relieves agitation in muscle and in mind. Our Sleepy Smokes blend enhanced with lavender soothes and calms the constricted and the cramped, especially when blended with cannabis. Here we outline and explain why this plant makes for a great addition to your smoke.

lavender flowers and buds

LATIN NAME: Lavandula spp.

AFFINITY WHEN SMOKED: nervous system

KEY ACTIONS: hypotensive, antispasmodic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain-relieving), sedative, anticatarrhal (helps dissolve, eliminate, and prevent formation of mucous and inflammation of mucous membrane), anxiolytic (inhibits anxiety), warming, relaxing, carminative

NOTABLE CONSTITUENTS: volatile oils & terpenes (linalool, linalyl acetate, borneol, cineole, geraniol, nerol, myrcene), flavonoids, rosmarinic & ursolic acids, coumarins, tannins

BOTANY & HARVESTING: Lavender is a perennial shrub growing up to 3 feet tall with spikes of violet flowers. Although native to France and the western Mediterranean, it's cultivated worldwide for its volatile/essential oil. Lavender flowers are picked in the morning in midsummer when they are technically still buds and have not yet opened, since that is when they're volatile oils will be at their highest levels. 

APPLICATIONS: Lavender is a gentle nervous system tonic and is soothing and calming to the nerves. Its terpene profile targets the nervous system and may provide sedative, anxiety-inhibiting, and pain-relieving effects. Lavender's significant volatile oil content also soothes and eases indigestion, gas, and bloating. Asthmatics can find relief in working with lavender as it eases tense, constricted, and spasmodic muscle and viscera. Additionally, lavender's antispasmodic and tension-relieving properties can provide excellent support for tension headaches and migraines (as long as dryness and heat are not aggravating factors for these pains). Other tense, agitated expressions that can be eased with lavender are sleeplessness, irritability, and stubborn, depressive feelings. 

PREPARATIONS: Dried lavender flowers can be sprinkled into whatever it is you're smoking to make your experience a more targeted one. In addition to inhaling lavender's constituents, your surroundings will hold that scent which will encourage deep breathing (deep breathing in itself lowers blood pressure). Lavender is a particularly good cannabis companion, especially with indica-dominant strains, since a synergistic or entourage effect between the two plants may magnify its pain and tension-dissolving properties.



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