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Smoke Here Now

Our tagline and the name of our new zine is, "Puff Into The Present Moment," but what exactly does that mean? Read the introduction to our zine, published by Flower Press and available for sale HERE, to get a better sense.

 "Puff Into The Present Moment" zine by Lian Bruno

Smoking can be an incredibly meditative way to work with herbs. You take the time to roll your smoke with precision, or to carefully select, grind, and pack your plants into a pipe. You often change your surroundings by stepping outside, and the fresh air sends a signal to your nervous system to relax. You employ fire to light your plants and you gently, but firmly, hold control over that flame. You softly inhale in a controlled manner, feeling the smoke enter your body, as your gaze falls onto the herbs igniting into orange embers. You hold that smoke for a moment and you begin to feel the permeating influence of the herbs. You release the smoke, watching its swirling form float off and vanish, as you feel your tensions begin to dissipate as well.

To lose yourself in the performance of your smoking ritual is to enter a meditative state. You don’t always need to remain still in order to find stillness inside. By focusing on the movements of your hands, appreciating the beauty of the herbs you’re working with, and feeling the smoke guide your spirit, you’re quieting your mind and being truly here. You’re allowing the herbs to assist you in this moment, which is a moment just for you. This is what we mean when we say “puff into the present moment.”

One of the best ways to tackle anxiety is to seat yourself in the present moment. An anxious mind is often in the past or in the future, and when the body is here but the mind is elsewhere you are not present. Focusing on breathing is a great way to be more present, as the zen master Thich Nhat Hanh says, “the breath is like a bridge that links our body and mind.” But when combating this state of unease, sometimes the breath alone may not be enough to bring us into the here and now. This is where a little herbal assistance can help. With smoking acting as our meditation instrument, and with the transformative power of plants, we can truly puff into the present moment.

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