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Founder of Puff Herbal Smokes, Lian BrunoPuff Herbal Smokes offers a tobacco-free, cannabis-free, and chemical-free smoking alternative for those who enjoy the act of smoking but do not wish to consume nicotine or THC. Herbalist-formulated, our smokes contain a blend of herbs that aim to quell anxiety and ease frazzled nerves.


Puff Herbal Smokes was founded in 2019 by herbalist Lian Bruno. Lian is a trained herbalist, completing a three-year clinical apprenticeship at the Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism. She also has a background in ethnobotany, the study of plants and their uses through the traditional knowledge of a culture and people.


Lian decided to found Puff Herbal Smokes as a way to bring purpose back to the act of smoking, to help those on their path to a tobacco and nicotine-free life, and to offer an alternative to cannabis as a means to relax and unwind.

When not working on Puff Herbal Smokes, Lian practices Chinese martial arts, sees live music, rides her bicycle, cooks, lifts weights, enjoys nature, and plays with her two brother cats, Nacho and Bean.