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Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship within the United States, excluding the state of Louisiana, and to United States territories.

What's in the smokes?

Our smokes contain an herbalist-formulated blend of herbs and that’s it - none of our products contain tobacco, nicotine, or any other added chemicals or isolates. You can find full ingredient lists under each product description here as well as on the back of our packages.

Why would I want to smoke these herbs?

Historically, humans have had an intimate relationship with smoke. We have worked with it in times of celebration, journeying, spiritual and religious ceremonies, and personal relaxation. Our smokes offer a tobacco-free, nicotine-free, and chemical-free alternative to those who enjoy the act of smoking but do not wish to consume nicotine or THC. Our blends also allow smokers of other plants to formulate their experience with more intention.

Check out our blog to learn more about the herbs in our blends, and how to work with them.

Are the herbs organic?

Yes! All of the herbs are USDA certified organic (unless otherwise indicated).

Are they addictive?

Nope! None of the herbs in our smokes are addictive.

How do they make you feel?

All of our smoking blends are formulated with an aim to uplift, bring about a sense of calmness, quell anxiety, and ease frazzled nerves. They can help in transitioning from fight-or-flight mode to rest-and-digest mode. Basically, although you won’t feel mentally high, they can take the edge off.

I thought smoking was bad for you. Why should I smoke these? Are they healthier than smoking cigarettes?

Smoking any plant and inhaling into your lungs will result in a buildup of tar in your lungs over time. Our herbal smokes are healthier in the sense that they do not contain addictive substances.

Should I inhale into my lungs?

It’s really up to you and your preference. Some people just like to taste the herbs in their mouth and exhale, while other people like to inhale into their lungs. However, the effects of the herbs will be more noticeable and immediate when inhaled and held for a comfortable amount of time before exhaling.

Can they help me quit tobacco/nicotine?

For those looking to quit tobacco/nicotine products, we advise rolling your own smokes with a combination of loose-leaf tobacco and our loose-leaf herbal blends. You can start with as much tobacco as you need, and then gradually put in less and less while increasing the amount of herbs until you’re just smoking herbs (or don’t feel the need to smoke anymore at all!).

What are they rolled in?

We offer our smokes in both RAW brand natural unrefined hemp paper and Beretta brand chlorine-free papers. Check out our blog post here on the different qualities of these two papers.



For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.